Ali Tomlin Stem Vase Indigo
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Ali Tomlin Stem Vase Indigo

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Ali Tomlin specialises wheel thrown porcelain. She loves its smooth, white surface and quality for making pure, beautiful forms, which act as a perfect canvas for her vibrant colours and mark making.

working with the dry, chalky surface of the porcelain, Ali applies a bold, but muted palette of stains, oxides and slips, splashing and sponging away areas, adding inlaid and sgraffito lines, aiming to create imperfect and unpredictable marks. She favours decorating on the wheel in order to create a feeling of movement and spontaneity.

Individually hand thrown on a wheel, each stem vase is unique, varying in height proportion and design. internally glazed these bud vases look great with a single bloom.

Height 14-16 cm